5 Businesses To Start for Extra Cash

While you’re out scrounging for venture capital for the next big enterprise you’ll be heading, you may need to augment your income. You may not want to take the plunge and start driving for Uber, but there are other simple jobs that can bring in extra money.

We seem to be living in an age of the multi-jobber. Those who perform a variety of tasks in different areas to make a living. While hustling for business is a necessity, the good news is that many of these jobs don’t require special skills. As with anything, honesty, dedication and good work may be all you need. So what are some jobs you can do that could expand your personal bottom line? In no particular order:

Dog Walker

Being on time and taking care of your client’s pet’s exercise needs is straightforward. If you love animals, so much the better. You’d be doing a service for owners who don’t have the time to devote to this aspect of their dogs’ lives. Neighborhood flyers or a craigslist ad could get the word out for you.

Handyman/Yard Work

If you’re good around the house, you’ll be good around someone else’s. We’re also including exterior tasks in this category such as pool cleaning or lawn mowing. Like dog walking, some of these tasks are things people have no time for themselves or they just don’t know how to do them.

Car Wash/Detailing

Again, you’re helping a customer who doesn’t have time. If you’re mobile and come to their location, you save them time again that would be spent driving to a car wash. A little bit of elbow grease and an eye for detail could make you an in-demand commodity in your neighborhood

House Sitter

Almost everyone goes out of town at some point. For extended absences or when they have to leave pets behind, having a house sitter will provide peace of mind. It’s about the lowest tech job out there so no special training is involved but commitment and reliability are two key elements you’ll need.

Be a Tutor

If you’re good at something, math, computers, or even drinking wine, chances are someone wants to know what you do. Local flyers, online ads or word of mouth may help connect you to that person that needs to learn what you know.

man tutoring young girl

Share your knowledge. Be a tutor!

There are other jobs as well that you can do. It all depends on what you know and what you like. Make a list of things you can do or are good at and market yourself in those areas. While you’re sitting at your neighbor’s house, use the time to build that new company website or crowdfunding project for yourself.