Customer Appreciation: Take it Seriously in 2016

Immediate Response to Customers

With more and more companies making use of social media responses to customer inquiries or complaints can be almost instantaneous. The vast majority of Twitter users expect a company to respond to them when they Tweet. This can mean addressing a concern within the hour. There were almost a billion customer complaints lodged on social media in 2014. It’s the smart company that responds quickly to solve problems.

Social Influences Buying

customer making online purchaseThe importance of an active social media presence is going to go a long way toward conversion. Studies show that more customers decide to make a purchase based on social media than on your website alone so this cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. All of the major social sites have implemented ads in various formats. Engagement is a key concept here and the more engaged (and the more opportunities for engagement) translates into increased sales.

Videos (Live)

TV ads are prohibitive for smaller companies and conversions can be scattershot but video is cheap (think youtube) and with outlets like the Twitter-owned Periscope growing by leaps and bounds, streaming a live video can put you in the same league as huge companies. It’s simple to broadcast from your own mobile device. You increase brand awareness but can also engage with customers. There’s a realness to a live video that a staged and scripted commercial can’t match and your iOS- or Adroid-using customers can view what you’re streaming. Meerkat is another such service worthy of investigation.


Regardless of your use of social media, the starting point is your business website and it needs to be visible. Sure, social helps this (a lot) but nothing substitutes for correct, relevant content on your site. Google demands relevancy over everything and this is where search engine optimization comes in. A website is not good enough. The content you have is critical. Not enough and the big G thinks you’re not relevant. Wrong content (i.e., doesn’t contain the things your customers are searching for)? Same thing. A complete internet marketing campaign must include SEO. Without a page one ranking you’re going to be invisible. Virtually all traffic comes from a page one ranking. Anything lower is worthless.

SEO will also address technical issues that Google takes into account like mobile friendliness, page load times, bloated code and others. With mobile searches overtaking desktop, being mobile friendly isn’t just a good idea. In fact, it will prevent you from moving up to that top spot.

With good social signals you can drive customer traffic to your site, but the user experience must be optimized, too. Once a customer lands on your site their visit needs to be intuitive and free of impediments. With Google Analytics installed, you’ll be able to view customer paths on your site, where they drop off in the buying process or identify elements that may be frustrating them.

Bottom line, the avenues for customer interaction and appreciation are open more widely than ever and the savvy business owner will take advantage of them. At the very least an optimized website and an active social presence will go a long way to greater visibility online and trust by the people you want to purchase your product or service.

Major Benefits Of Business Blogging

When it comes to effective marketing strategies online, one of the most recommended solutions today is blogging. If you are a business owner, especially of a small business, you are probably wondering how a business blogging can improve your business. And if you prefer this marketing campaign, will it be worth your time and effort. Well, business experts would absolutely answer a big YES.

Compared to other marketing solutions online, blogging is relatively inexpensive and easy but has been proven to provide positive results in business marketing campaigns. With proper and effective blogging, businesses can really enhance marketing strategies, increase traffic for the business site, and attract more potential customers for the business.

According to a study, marketers reported that 81% of businesses who are using blogs for marketing say that blogging are really vital for their business.

So why use business blogging?

It can boost your SEO campaign in a huge way

We all know that search engines really love fresh contents. And one way to make these search engine crawlers love your website is by feeding it with frequent and quality blog posts. With more blog contents, search engines will be able to find new contents to index therefore providing you the opportunities to use all those vital keywords so you can increase your visibility on SERPS or search engine results pages.

You can establish relationship with your existing and potential customers

Blogging in your website helps you interact and communicate with your customers therefore helping you build positive relationship with your customers. You can do this by asking questions to your customers through your blogs and allowing your site visitors to give feedbacks or comments on the site. With these comments, you will learn insights about what they really want in the business and ways to improve customer services. Building a rapport with your customers will also show them that you really value their satisfaction therefore also building trust with your customers.

You can demonstrate your expertise and establish a good reputation for your business

One way to effectively establish your business in the industry it belongs is by showing that you are an expert on what you do. Create blog posts that provide relevant and valuable information so your site will become a helpful resource site for a lot of people. With informative, quality contents, you’ll get more opportunities in converting more traffic to sales. With a good and reliable business blogging campaign, you can improve your credibility and reputation, which are essential if you want to compete with large companies already operating in industry.

Help build your brand as a business

Sometimes, having good credibility is not enough anymore especially if you are running a small business within an industry where a lot of big businesses and established names are already present. You don’t just need a good name but you should also have a unique brand that customers will automatically remember when thinking of the products to buy.

Create more marketing opportunities

The great thing about blogging is that your blogs can be shared anywhere, anytime, and in various platforms all over the internet – which is a free marketing for your business. If you post a really good blog, readers who like the post will share it in social media sites, tweet it or even email it to others. The sharing of your blog posts by your customers will validate the credibility of your business. More people will be reached by your blog posts therefore reaching more audience and potential customers for your business.

With these incredible benefits of blogging to business, it is definitely a good thing to blog for your business. By lending the right time, effort, and probably a little amount of money for business blogging, you’ll have greater opportunities for business growth by increasing business visibility, reaching wider market, increasing traffic and sales, and establishing your business within the industry.